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9 Months Complete Care Plan 

40% OFF

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9 Months Complete Care Plan

 ₹30,000/- 40% Off


*Covers 6 Months of Pregnancy Period & 3 Months of Postpartum Recovery.

Ideal for those who are going to enter or are already in the 2nd Trimester of their Pregnancy.

Program Features & Decription

 We are going to hold your hand and guide you through your rough and smooth times, making sure you and your baby get the best advice there is. This Subscription plan contains 4 services for 9 months, in these four services, you will get Personal Nutritionist & Dietician, Remedies for common concerns during pregnancy, Personalized Yoga & Exercise Plans by a Physiotherapist & 3 Months Postpartum Recovery Program. This plan contains simple, hands-on suggestions that can be easily integrated into your lifestyle. Be prepared to be amazed at how quickly your body begins to respond. Not just on the outside, but also on the inside. Get ready to get super fit. So that when your baby arrives you are brimming with joy and good health.

4 Services You Will Get In This Plan


Nutritionist & Dietician

Services Include-

  1. Trimesterwise Diet Plans

  2. Disease Management Plan

  3. Conscious Eating Plan

  4. Balancing the meals plan

  5. Kitchen Comfort: A guide to shopping and stocking during pregnancy.

  6. Guide to Healthy Snacking

  7. Guide to eating out in Pregnancy

  8. Cravings Handling Guide

Benefits of this Services -

Nutrition is the Most Vital Part of Pregnancy. Malnutrition during this period is very dangerous for both mother and baby. We will provide you with the Best Maternity Experience where you can visit for all your diet and nutrition concerns during pregnancy.

With good nutrition, Mother is protected from the Risk of - 

Risk of Miscarriage

Maternal Mortality



Dental Problems 

With good nutrition, Baby is protected from the Risk of - 


Premature Birth

Perinatal Mortality
Birth Defects

Underdeveloped Organs


Yoga, Exercise & Fitness Plans

Services Include-

  1. Physiotherapist Guidance

  2. Trimester-wise Exercise Plan

  3. The Strength Routine

  4. Water Workouts

  5. Prenatal Yoga

  6. Stretching Routine

  7. Relaxation & Breathing Guide

  8. Stress Busters Technique

Benefits of this Services -

  • Minimize the risk of cesarean delivery. 

  • Reduces anxiety, stress, and insomnia. 

  • Prevents excessive weight gain during pregnancy. 

  • Betters glycemic control. 

  • Promotes core stability, muscle strength, flexibility & Corrects body posture. 

  • Prepares you for the physical demands of labor. 

  • Reduces other pregnancy-related illnesses like fatigue, leg cramps, etc​


Remedies for Pregnancy Blues

About Services-

In this service, we deal with common concerns during pregnancy like-

Morning Sickness, Loss of bladder control, Constipation, Haemorrhoids or piles, Mood Swings, Swelling, Dizziness, Fatigue, Indigestion & Heartburn, Back Pain, Leg Cramps, Abdominal Separation, Lower abdominal pain, Pubic pain & Varicose Veins Etc.

Most pregnant women suffered these symptoms at some stage of their pregnancy. During pregnancy, your physiological processes go through significant changes and you may feel a gamut of emotions and symptoms.


But Don't Worry, We are going to address each concern and suggest remedies and relief measures to get you the relief you crave.

Benefits of this Services -

  • Reduces Morning Sickness.

  • Betters bladder control.

  • Reduces Constipation, Hemorrhoids, or piles.

  • Reduces Mood Swings.

  • Reduces Swelling.

  • Reduces Dizziness & Fatigue.

  • Reduces Indigestion & Heartburn.

  • Reduces Back Pain & Leg Cramps.

  • Reduces Abdominal Separation & Lower abdominal pain.

  • Reduces Pubic pain & Varicose Veins Etc


3 Months Postpartum Recovery Plan

Services Include-

  1. Customised & Personalised Weight Loss Diet Plan

  2. Lactation Diet & Guide

  3. Weight loss workout plan

  4. Childcare Guide

Benefits of this Services -

After giving birth, your body needs to recover and heal from childbirth. Your body continues to work overtime as it heals and also nourishes your newborn. With good nutrition, you provide the right supplements for your body to heal and also give your newborn the right nutrients to stay nourished and build immunity, and grow. 

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9 Months Complete Care Plan

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