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You are going to be a MOTHER

From here on, life as you know it will never be the same again.You will experience euphoria along with some trepidation. Right now you have more questions than answers. Like- 

What to do for a normal delivery?

How to keep me & my baby healthy?

How to ensure good nutrition for both of us?

How to get rid of pregnancy blues?

How to get back in shape after delivery?

We are going to hold your hand and guide you through your rough and smooth times, making sure you and your baby get the best advice there is.

In this beautiful phase of Pregnancy,
There is also a share of Complications

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Common complications during pregnancy.

Risk of Caesarean Delivery

Risk of Miscarriage


Brittle Bones & Dental Problems

Stillbirth & Birth Defects

Common Concerns or Pregnancy Blues during Pregnancy

Morning Sickness &Swelling

Constipation & Piles

Mood swings, Anxiety & Stress

Dizziness, Fatigue & Insomnia

Back Pain, Leg Cramps & Obesity

But don't worry all these concerns can be minimized by-

Good Food & Nutrition

Addressing pregnancy blues with the right remedies

Following good fitness plans & Yoga

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4 Services You Will Get In This Plan

Plans & Programs we Offers

The Complete Health Plan

For You & Your Baby

We are going to hold your hand and guide you through your rough and smooth times, making sure you and your baby get the best advice there is. This Subscription plan contains 4 services in these four services, you will get Personal Nutritionist & Dietician, Remedies for common concerns during pregnancy, Personalized Yoga & Exercise Plans by a Physiotherapist & 3 Months Postpartum Recovery Program. This plan contains simple, hands-on suggestions that can be easily integrated into your lifestyle. Be prepared to be amazed at how quickly your body begins to respond. Not just on the outside, but also on the inside. Get ready to get super fit. So that when your baby arrives you are brimming with joy and good health.


Nutritionist & Dietician

Services Include-

  1. Trimesterwise Diet Plans

  2. Disease Management Plan

  3. Conscious Eating Plan

  4. Balancing the meals plan

  5. Kitchen Comfort: A guide to shopping and stocking during pregnancy.

  6. Guide to Healthy Snacking

  7. Guide to eating out in Pregnancy

  8. Cravings Handling Guide


Yoga, Exercise & Fitness Plans

Services Include-

  1. Physiotherapist Guidance

  2. Trimester-wise Exercise Plan

  3. The Strength Routine

  4. Water Workouts

  5. Prenatal Yoga

  6. Stretching Routine

  7. Relaxation & Breathing Guide

  8. Stress Busters Technique


Remedies for Pregnancy Blues

Benefits of Services-

  1. Reduces Morning Sickness.

  2. Betters bladder control.

  3. Reduces Constipation, Hemorrhoids, or piles.

  4. Reduces Mood Swings.

  5. Reduces Swelling.

  6. Reduces Dizziness & Fatigue.

  7. Reduces Indigestion & Heartburn.

  8. Reduces Back Pain & Leg Cramps.

  9. Reduces Abdominal Separation & Lower abdominal pain.

  10. Reduces Pubic pain & Varicose Veins Etc


3 Months Postpartum Recovery Plan

Services Include-

  1. Customised & Personalised Weight Loss Diet Plan

  2. Lactation Diet & Guide

  3. Weight loss workout plan

  4. Childcare Guide

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Complete Healthy Pregnancy Care Plan
40% OFF

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Our Super Team

Finding Inspiration in Every Mom


Dt. Niharika Jain

Dietician & Nutritionist

Founder- Dietclinic

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Dr. Anusha Sood


AIIMS Rishikesh

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Dr. Pragati Gour


Max Hospital Gurgaon

Why Supermoms?


Experienced & Recognised Team

  • Qualified & experienced team (MBBS, Obs-Gyne, BPT, M.Sc. F&N, M.Ed., PGD. HFW)

  • 5+ years of experience. 1000+ supermoms

  • Recognized with top healthcare & lifestyle awards

  • Transforming lifestyles across the globe in 25+ countries

  • India’s most trusted online maternity service provider. 


Lifestyle Changing Approach

  • Personalized, non-restrictive diet & fitness plans

  • No exotic or expensive items, only homely food

  • No pills or supplements; only real food from your kitchen

  • Focus on nutrition, not just calorie counts


Customized Programs

  • No marketing gimmicks

  • No false promises or guarantees. Focus on sustainability

  • Fully personalized & customized diet & fitness plans 

  • Programs where you don’t feel like being on a ‘diet’ or heavy workouts

  • Maintenance plans are included in every program


Client Care & Support

  • Get treated as a family. Form a 2-way relationship

  • All-time access to fitness plans, diet plans, chat and manage appointments

  • Support on call, chat & email: 10 am – 5 pm IST (Mon-Sat)

  • Weekly scheduled feedback sessions – diet & fitness coaching.



Supermoms's team gives me the The Boost I Needed during my pregnancy. My biggest fear was a c-section because I don't want my baby from cesarean delivery. and the team of supermoms saved me by giving me the best suitable diet plans and nutritional advice, my exercise programs are also very much personalized. whenever I need any kind of guidance or questions I just dm them on Whatsapp and they revert me a good plan and advice. overall I'm very happy also my lot of money is saved from big hospital bills.

-Shalini Aggarwal

One-word review “Best Pregnancy Care Service You Can Find Online.”

They provide everything which is required for a healthy pregnancy.  

 -Raveena Yadav

A friend of mine told me about supermoms and i started this subscription in the begning of my 2nd trimester overall its a excellent experiance with supermoms. if you are pregnantand want a healthy and normal delivery and after delivery you want your shape back then i must say you should take supermoms's subscription. 

 -Priyanka & Anuj Kabra

 Simple Steps to Become a Supermom


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